MIL rude about fertility struggles - Need Advice

So my mother in law has always been rude about my husband and i’s quest for parenthood. I don’t know if she doesn’t understand the struggle or she is just so old school that she can’t pull her head out of her ass. I’m 25 and my husband is 30 we have been trying for two years now to have a baby. We have done 7 medicated cycles, timed intercourse and one

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none of which have worked. I have a hormonal disorder called non classical adrenal hyperplasia and my AMH is low for someone my age. We think this is why it’s been so hard for us and will be moving forward with

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next month.

When I explained my AMH was low she said that I must be doing something wrong and I need to jump up and down and make more eggs come out... like what?... so obviously she’s not educated on this topic. Her two nieces are

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babies and my FIL had the nerve to ask her brother “how much does one of them things cost” so this doesn’t come as too much for a shock but last night was definitely the worst..

We went to party last night and my girlfriend and I were talking, my mother in law was talking with us too. we were talking about past surgeries and how the anesthesia made my friend really sick I told her I was so happy I didn’t get sick when I had my cone biopsy (large wedge shaped piece of cervix removed) I had high grade dysplasia and some cancer cells on it. Anyways, my friend of was oh that’s right I forgot you had that surgery is that why you’ve been struggling to conceive? I said no and that they had nothing to do with one another. Then, my mother in law went in on me in front of everyone saying I’m not doing enough and I should be having more sex and standing on my head afterwards ... again like what?... me and her son have an awesome sex life so that’s not the issue idk how many times I need tell her there are actual issues preventing pregnancy before she will shut the fuck up. I’m over it and I’m really just seeking advice on how to get her to stop without causing conflict. What do you guys think?