I'm a Bug That's Bugged 🐝🐞


I know I have posted like 4 times already in reference to this, but it is bothering me more and more as our family dinner approaches tomorrow and our next appt is approaching in about 2 weeks.

I'm 22 Weeks tomorrow with our second child. My uncle is moving out of state in the next few weeks and the family dinner tomorrow will be the last time we see him for who knows how long.

My husband wants to wait to tell everyone. First, it was until we knew everything was alright, and now it's just being pushed further and further. Now, he wants to wait until we know the gender, but we don't know for sure that will be at our appt in 2 weeks. The doctor hasn't talked about the anatomy scan or anything. I will be about 24 Weeks at that time.

My belly has grown, but it looks more like I've put on about 20lbs. instead of like I have a tiny human in my belly kicking me all kinds of waysπŸ˜‚. So, while family has made fishing comments here and there, no one officially 100% knows.

Our family has been buying our daughter more and more clothes and toys and such and a part of me so badly what's to say something, so they can be prepared for second munchkin to spoil.

Idk, I'm obviously going to wait at this point until we know the gender, but it just stresses me out sometimes.