Cranky whiny 3 week okd


So this whole past week my little 3 week old bby girl has been quite fussy & whiny. She really won’t let you put her down to do anythin without waking up crying to be picked up and held. At night it’s the worst from 9pm-12am which I looked up & it’s considered witching hour during that time all hell breaks lose she will whine & cry for 2+ hrs & that’s with me trying to calm her down & soothing her. Now it seems to be getting like this during day time. She barely sleeps during the night like 1.5-2 hrs then is up screaming. She’ll feed then be up just whiny afterwards. She does burp pretty good and has been having bowel movements along with she passes gas. I thought colic but I use the Dr. Browns bottles and I even just switched her formula that is meant for crying, fussy babies. I’m about to pull my hair out the only time she really sleeps is when she’s in her car seat and we are in the car going somewhere. She will sleep pretty good for a while like that then once she wakes up it’s back to square one. Someone help because I don’t know what else to do. My first who’s now 9 yrs was complete opposite she was a very relaxed baby.