I'm latejo


Ok so I'm 41, just turned. I've only been prego once before, last year. It ended just around 8 weeks in an ectopic. They had to remove one of my tubes. So I'm always on time within a day maybe two. Well as of today I am 5 days late!! I dont feel pregnant at all though. Not sure if I'm just late or if this is just some pre menopausal symptoms? I dont want to test because I hate seeing negatives. Plus what are the chances anyways? I've only had sex twice this month and only 1 tube. But why am I late?


Well ofcourse as soon as I posted this what would show its ugly face? Yup, 5 days late but it showed. Seems like all I have to do is take a test or post something and it says, "just kidding, just wanted you to see if you could be yet again disappointed, haha."

So I'm deciding to stop the madness, and stop trying for good. Thinking about getting a hysterectomy because cervical cancer runs in my family, and that way I wont have to worry about it anymore. If God wanted me to have children or thought I was fit to be a mother he would have given me some or brought them into my life. Guess I'm just not mother material. So F it, Party on Garth