I’m pregnant!!! It’s finally my turn 😭💙♥️

Delilah • Mami to princess Emilia 👨‍👩‍👧♥️ 5 years ttc with PCOS

In complete shock.. never thought I’d see such bright lines & an actual “pregnant” 😭 almost 6 years TTC with PCOS! God is so good 🙏🏼 2 rounds of femara, 6 days late but usually nothing serious since PCOS. My cousin found out she’s pregnant last night with all the family around lol after we celebrated all night, hubby & I went home and I cried the whole ride home. (Just bc it’s been so hard for me since I’ve been trying for so long, not bc she’s pregnant) But little did I know!! My sister is also 5 months pregnant which was also amazing news but very hard since she’s my younger sister & everyone just kept asking me more & more when was I going to be next. But now I get to be pregnant with my sister!! 😭 my parents first grandkids! Ahh

It’s been a long journey but so worth it ♥️ don’t ever lose faith!

To my lil peanut, mami & papi love you so much already! & can’t wait for this journey 😍