2 year old very aggressive with little sister. Need advice!!!


My 2 year old son is extremely aggressive with his newborn sister - he tries to bite her, tries to poke her in the eyes, head bumps her and scratches her in the face. Sometimes he just tries to kiss her but I am so afraid to let him because other times he acts like he wants to give her a kiss but ends up hurting her.

Sometimes I just think he is not realising he is hurting her. When I feed her he comes by, wants to climb on me and does so as if his sister wasn’t even there. He just climbs all over her to get to me...and he is a massive 2 year old!!

Sometimes I try to reason w him telling him to be kind but sometimes I lose my temper and I just want to cry and yell at him. It’s stressful because I cannot leave her side 1 second in the fear that my son will hurt her.

I don’t know what to do anymore...pls help???!