Spoiling Baby

Honestly because I'm a FTM I really don't know what is better for my baby in the long run.

He is only 17 days old and since he was born I've known that there was nothing that I loved more or would ever love more than him.

Because I am still taking time off from work, I've been pretty "bad" about holding him pretty much all day and so when I have visitors everyone hounds me about putting him down more... they all say he's already spoiled now and that they think when he grows up he will just wind up sleeping in my bed with me until hes 13 or something. Even my SO thinks I need to have more tough love with him but how can I do that?

I honestly dont see a problem loving my child and being close with him. But again, I am a FTM and I don't have any experience raising children or a solid life worth of experience of my own yet.

So, could I get some solid information or opinions from you ladies on your thoughts??