It’s a boy!


After a traumatic wait in the waiting room (we listened to a momma in the ultrasound wail. When she came out her mom was comforting her telling her that her baby was a miracle even if she didn’t survive), it was a relief to hear our little one’s heartbeat right away and to find out it’s a BOY. We received a 3d picture even though we did a 2d scan because he was so cute cuddled next to the placenta and holding his umbilical cord with his other hand on his face.

A completely different experience than our first boy who was camera shy, little boy number 2 was making sure to show EVERYONE he was a boy.

Though we are so thrilled, my heart goes out to the momma who went before me and received some terrible news about her little one. She’s weighing heavy on my mind tonight as I count my blessings.