Needing some positive support

I’ve been working So.damn.hard to get the weight off. I started trying about 10 years ago, and in those 10 years I’ve learned a lot. I have done everything under the sun, including- what I’m not proud of- complete starvation and over working my body (this was about 6 years ago). Over the last ten year my weight has fluctuated 70 lbs.

This year I’ve lost about 50 lbs and have really been putting in the work mentally and physically. I’m not killing myself in the gym or starving myself. Just trying to be balanced.

But... Monday i went to hot yoga. That picture on the right is a true testament of the work i put in. That shirt is supposed to be light grey and as you can see, I’m covered in sweat. About an hour after I took the picture on the right, I ended up slipping in my bathroom and severely injuring myself. My husband had to call 911 because my knee completely dislocated, I landed on it and I couldn’t stand up due to the position I was in. I was blacking out from the pain and hyperventilating.

It’s been a week now and I find out tomorrow if I need surgery. I’m so sad and feel so defeated. I’ve worked so hard and I’m worried I’m just going to regain everything. My leg is completely immobilized so working out is basically impossible. I’m depending on my husband for food, and he doesn’t exactly know how to prepare healthy meals. I’m so thankful for all of his help through all of this. But I’m so ready to be 100% independent and back on my game.