Im so heart broken !

I just found out that at 19 I’m having my first baby, with my boyfriend, at first I was very scared because I’m only 19 and my boyfriend 21 and our parents are strict we planned on moving out in a few months and getting everything ready for the baby he was there with me and was helping me he promised me he’d always love me and our baby, but recently it’s changed I’m a lil over two months and he started acting very distant, he quit seeing me and won’t talk to me on the phone and ditched me for his friends which upset me and I expressed my feelings to him saying that I completely understand that he’s scared and I am too but we’re in it together.. well he just recently dumped me, and when I asked what about the baby he replied with “there’s pills for that” and hasn’t talked to me since rather than asking for his stuff back. I just talked to his sister who was my bestfriend for the longest and told her everything so she’s talking to him tomorrow hopefully he’s just overwhelmed and will help me and we can get thru this send prayers 💜