Finding occupational path?

Sarah • 22, married to my love❤ Dog mom 🐕

I really am lost. For 3 years I have struggled to find my path in life and truly discover what I am meant to do. So I need some guidance from some of you lovely ladies! I'm 1700 miles away from all of my friends and family (I'm a military wife) and I don't have my dad standing by me to make sure that I have the correct guidance (he's always been my rock, my motivation to do better) all I'm asking for is some resources and suggestions for schools, materials to read, and educate myself on how I should work full time (2p to 10p) and acquire my education. I need help. I dont know what I'm doing, so why not ask people who might have a better grip on life than I do. Thank you in advance.

Also I'm a CNA and leaning more towards healthcare. Any stepping stone ideas to help me figure out what I might like to do? I'm willing to try anything