Anyone had a incomplete miscarriage

I'm asking for a laporascopy as i think I may have left over tissue or some kind iv had all my test done for infertility and everything has came back great I'm only 28 but I have had losses with my first everything came out including the sac I was checked over after with scans but with my second I only bled for short while and disnt loose anything I asked to be checked over but was told isn't necessary that It was probably just a chemical. So since this I haven't been able to concieve it's now 10 months since this why I feel there may be Somthing in there blocking the way I had hsg wich shown dye stopped ded at a certain point in both tubes and yet they still said oh I think your tubes probably seized up due to pain this why I want a laparoscopy. But I'm still waiting for the consultant to get back to me.

Anyone any advise