I recently tried a sensory deprivation float tank for the first time. My fiance and I arrived, the lady working the desk showed us a short video and she showed us to our rooms.

As soon as I was fully submerged my vag was on FIRE!! It was like I put in a tampon made of stinging nettles. Tried to ignore it, and it did ease up after a few minutes. While I sat there all I could think was THAT BITCH! I know she's tried floating...she said so...and I know she has a vagina. She should have said something. A warning, a wink, anything at all to indicate caution! Then I thought well maybe it was how* I got in, or maybe its just my sensitive skin being extra sensitive to 800 lbs of Epsom Salts. I can accept that as a possibility. I was able to ignore it almost to the end then I gave in and got out early. (After getting it in my eyes)

When I got home I started googling. Apparently this is a normal issue. Theres a few ways to prevent this if your thinking about trying it, research before you go tho! But what I cant find anything about is the incredible vaginal discomfort ive been experiencing since, for 2 days now! Its like the Sahara down there, but strangly wet and almost so dry it itches. I thought awh shiiiit yeast infection really??? But no...thats not it, just really REALLY uncomfortable in a way I almost cant describe and have NO freaking clue what to do about it.

Anyone else unpleasantly surprised in their float tank experience and have any advice??