NIPT result are in .... *UPDATE*

Good news, the nurse told me everything came back low risk 😊 which is awesome, since I'm over 35 I was a little worried. Unfortunately my husband is out of town and I didn't want to find out what we are having without him. So here I am, envelope in hand, knowing my baby's gender is listed inside and I can't look yet 😭 I'll have to wait until later tonight when he's done with work and he can call me so we can find out together. This is going to drive me insane!


So after 4.5 hours of waiting, my husband finally called me and we got to find out together. It's a BOY! 💙 I am over the moon! I have 2 girls already from previous relationship (9yrs & 15yrs) and was really hoping for a boy. This is my husband's first and he was excited either way.