Prodromal labor lasting days...any help? Advice? Similar experiences?


Had my membranes stripped Thursday (@38+2) and had some Braxton hicks following but nothing crazy. Friday morning woke up with more false labor, lost my mucus plug. Went into early stage labor, painful contractions, lots of downward pressure. Walked around for 3 hours trying to make contractions more regular/stronger/consistent. Ended up going into the hospital to get checked last night (it’s my 2nd baby & I just wanted to make sure I was safe to wait at home longer)....yes I’m in early labor. No, the contractions aren’t enough to cause significant dilation. With my 1st, I had her within 24 hours of getting my membranes stripped and within 12 hours of losing my mucus plug. Now what?? I’m exhausted and just hoping to get this going more consistently. This is my 2nd day of 12+ hours of contractions with no progress. Does anyone have a similar experience? Any helpful tips? Thanks so much in advance!!!