Need to Vent


Ok ladies need to vent. So when my husband works 12 hour shifts I try to make sure the house is spotless after being alone with the kids all day by myself. There are three an almost 3 year old 19 month old and 4 month old. I try to make them put away toys and activities before then take something new out. I didn’t expect him to do the same. But I do expect the house to be cleaned up after him by him when I’m at work. Every time I walk in from work it’s trashed. Dishes everywhere. Crumbs all over the floor because he lets them walk around with snacks. I’ve asked him numerous times not too. We have ants. They need to eat in their chairs. Snacks included. Today I get home. There’s poop smeared on the floor. He peed on a water bottle last night because he was too busy playing xbox to use the bathroom upstairs. I’m sorry but that’s fricken lazy and gross. I almost dropped the bottle if pee while I was cleaning. I come home from work and the kids are running around the apartment with it trashed while he is just sitting on the couch playing video games. I’m so angry. Like how come I can keep the house clean for 12 hours give the kids a bath do dishes feed play and cook with no help and you can’t even do it for 5 hours?? His excuse to peeing in a bottle. I’m not a human pacifier. First my son nurses still. But he takes a bottle. Second if you had to pee and couldn’t trust the other kids with him you could’ve brought him upstairs with you and put him in his pack and play. And if you had to pee that bad why couldn’t you get rid of the bottle after you were done? And on top of it he will wear the same pants for days. They smell so bad. Like so bad. I’ll be like you should probably put those in the wash. You have more clothes. He doesn’t want to go look for them in his drawer. He will literally wear the same jersey for 2 weeks and it smells bad too. I can’t take it anymore. I can’t even say anything because then he thinks I’m just picking on him and I’m not it’s just disgusting. It’s stuff like this that makes me irritated. And then he’ll want sex and I can’t even because it’s so unattractive. I’m 4 months postpartum and I’m struggling and he wants sex all the time. I don’t because 1 I feel nothing. 2 I’m nursing and tired all the time and touched out to the max and 3 I feel like his mom having to clean up after him or see him do stuff like this and I find it unattractive. Don’t get me wrong I love him so much but that doesn’t mean I should have to put up with it.