Ok well here I am again


This is a weird story helpfully it’s not to boring.. well my husband and I have been ttc for a year now and I have pcos so it’s been a struggle.. well I stopped testing like a mad women since this year started and I only test when I miss my period so that I don’t harm any baby if I do happen to drink or anything which I never do🙄.. anyway My best friend passed away today she was everything to me she was my piano teacher, Bible teacher, and best friend and I adopted her as a grandma.. well I’m one day late and Im cramping like ovulation cramps not period cramps and I know the difference very well so I thought.. well I took the test and I will tell you ladies if I don’t clearly see a second line I always throw it in the trash and accept my fate. Well this almost looks like the beginning of something but I’m not sure please give your input I’m hoping my friend sends a blessing my way on her way up to heaven😢. I will test in a couple days and accept my fate once more but I’m curious if anyone sees a slight something