so my boyfriend and i have been together for 2 1/2ish years. our honeymoon stage lasted probably 5-6 mo and then ended. we hung out every single chance we possibly could and had so much fun together. then the year mark hit. we started fighting A LOT. about him checking out girls, me not being a priority, etc. lately, we’ve been fighting a lot about him not wanting to ever hangout, him not treating me good, him only wanting to hang with me for sex, etc. we will literally have sex and he’ll tell me to go home. he’s “tired”. we recently “broke up” because i don’t like when he goes to parties because he doesn’t invite me. i’ll be at home not doing anything and he’ll just be like “i’m going to a party.” so the other night i asked him if i could go to one, he said yes. i begged and begged for him to come, but he was being stubborn. the next day, we broke up because i’m a “hypocrite”. ummm? i asked him if i could go and if he could come with me? so we talked the next day, he initiated sex, i said “i don’t wanna do this if you don’t wanna be with me.” he said “we’ll talk about it afterwards” so, after, i asked him what he wanted. he said he didn’t know and that i was always bitchy and fighting with him for no reason. a day later we hung out again and he wanted to have sex and i said no we came here to talk, he said “we’re fine. i’m sorry we broke up. there was no reason to” do, i forgave him and we had sex. yesterday, we went to the fair with 2 of our old friends and 3 of his new buddies he’s been hanging with. i told him before we left i didn’t wanna ride with our old friends because they were super awkward to 3rd wheel cause they don’t make me feel comfortable at all and they fight the whole time. so what does he do? gets in the car with his buddies and leaves. i get to the fair, in acting normal and fine. he doesn’t hang out with me the whole time, completely ignores me and makes me ride with our old friends on the way home too. then, i wanted to hang with him and his friends because i didn’t have to work the next day and wanted to stay out late and do something. he said “well what am i supposed to do? make them go home?” i said “no, why can’t i come with you guys spotting?” he said “sorry.” and i said “this is what i’m talking about. you don’t have your priorities straight.” he told me to go home. (mind you he’s with these friends EVRY DAY ALL DAY because he goes to college with them. the only day we get to hang is on the weekends now. i wasn’t “not giving him time for his friends. i wanted to hang with him cause i hadn’t seen him all week) his mom is now telling my mom he told her the first time we broke up was bc he found out i was going to parties. this is the first party i’ve been to. so he lied about that. she also said that he APOLOGIZED to his friends for me “leaving like that” and that i always act like that. WTF? i’m so fed up with how he treats me but i always find an excuse for him acting the way he does. i love him and when we do “break up” for s day, i’m completely lost and heartbroken. we’ve had MANY talks about this and it’s like we’re going in a circle, i WANT things to work and i’m trying not to be the psycho bitch he thinks i am, but it’s so hard when he just doesn’t get what i want when i’ve explained it to him soooo many times. i guess i just came here to vent and see what you guys think about it..sometimes i wonder if i’m just with him bc i lost my virginity to him and we’ve opened up so much with each other. i’d hate to start all over, but i’m so moody and upset all the time and it’s because of him.