Irregular periods and normal blood test??


I have had very irregular periods for 7 months after coming off of birth control (gyno said they should be normal by now). I am recently 21, and was on the pill for 4yrs. I forgot what my period was even like before age 16, and I never got periods on the pill. I figured maybe the pill was masking a larger issue when my periods returned irregularly, but my blood test is normal. Next up is an ultrasound, but I’m confused as to what could be causing this. If I end up being pregnant I’m suing my uterus. 😂

When I mean irregular I don’t just mean a few days late, but weeks or even completely missed. Heck, some months I have 2 periods. It’s wild, my dudes. I’m doubting PCOS or a pituitary gland tumor, given my blood test results. I guess I’ll update you guys after the ultrasound! /:

Maybe my uterus just hates me 😂😭.