So today I found myself having to..

Today I found myself having to tell my partner to calm down. Firstly I offered our daughter a snack whilst I prepared lunch, he had gone into the kitchen made HIMSELF food and had the cheek to say "why don't you give her something proper?'' (it was his tone of voice that was unnecessary) and my response was" if you heard me properly, you would have heard me say I was going to make her lunch". It really didn't even cross his mind to make her something to eat just felt the need to critisise me.

So I'm making lunch and I can hear him snapping at her (she's one) and telling her to shh and no in an angry tone of voice, by now my blood is boiling. She's clearly tired and he knows she gets fussy at times. It was like he was talking to a 5 year old.

Anyway I poured food onto her tray and go back in the kitchen quickly to get my food (didn't offer him any like I usually do because I'm petty Betty today). Our daughter is throwing food around and he's talking to her angrily again, pointing his finger and I tell him to calm down because there's really no need. Apparently I shouldn't give her anything until she asks, when he knows that doesn't work. I just told him I'm going to keep offering like I've been adviced to, if she throws it then so be it. Within a couple of seconds BABYgirl was eating and loving her pasta. When she dropped her food, I talked to her calmly like I usually do and she stopped and ate some more. I hope he took notes!! Baby girl doesn't need to be bullied into eating food, a little patience goes a long fucking way.

Ah this made me so angry.

I am just venting yall. Excuse me.