How early can you feel symptoms?

Haley • Married 2.18.18 to the love of my life ❤️ crazy cat mom 🐱

I always psych myself out with this stuff and think I’m (finally) pregnant when I’m not, but this mensural/possible pregnancy symptom is a new one for me: pressure right above my bikini line. At first I thought it was cramping, as I usually do about a week or so before my period, but it’s been going on for 4 straight days now and it just feel like light pressure more so than cramping. I’m also feeling hip pain, but I also have been pretty sedentary the last couple of days so that could be why there. I have felt no other symptoms and my supposed ovulation day was around 9/2 when is when my hubby and I had sex so there’s definitely a possibility - but I also don’t want to get my hopes up (easier said than done). Has anyone else experienced this symptom? Or even experienced symptoms this early when trying to conceive?