Incomplete miscarriage

Hello ladies, I was at 6 weeks n had a natural miscarriage on Aug 24, released placenta and lots of tissue with major cramps. Day after that, released a bit more placenta. Took blood test Aug 30, hcg was 51. Spotting stopped Sep 2nd.

Had an ultrasound Sep 3rd and was told everything has mostly cleared but there is still a small area of retained product of conception. The doc said I could either wait it out and see if it naturally clears or take the pill to insert in vagina. I don’t have any signs of infection.

Today I’ve started spotting but I’m not sure if this is my period finally coming back or if I’m spotting to complete miscarriage.

We want to try to conceive again but I am worried about this incomplete miscarriage. I would rather do everything naturally but no idea how long that would take.

Scared to take pill since I don’t want that pain again and also don’t want to take it if there’s only a bit left in there anyways.

Has anyone been in a similar situation with the incomplete miscarriage and waiting it out or taking the pill to complete?

Also, can I even get my period back if there’s still retained product inside?