Looking for thoughts/feedback


I have a very inconsistent cycle, which makes it hard to track. I randomly ovulated about 2 weeks ago, my husband and I had sex 3 times that week. About 9 days later, I had spotting when I wiped + cramping in lower abdominal. After talking with my best friend who is already a mom, we figured it was implantation bleeding. Three days after that, I took a pregnancy test using Clear Blue digital and was pleasantly surprised it came back positive (This was Sunday). I took another one later that day (not digital) but it said negative. I took another Clear Blue digital this morning, and it said negative. Unsure if I am in fact pregnant and because it's just still so early the test can't detect it, and for some reason that 1st one did? OR is it a chemical pregnancy or simply a false positive?

I decided to hold off on testing again until next week, the week of my expected period.

Would love to hear thoughts/feedback on this, trying to remain positive and distract myself from thinking too far into it since it's so early....