My birth story


So we where in our best friends wedding!! I was the maid of honor and my husband was the best man, it took them two years to pick a wedding date and of course before I was 12 weeks pregnant, and wanted to announce, my friend tells me while I’m eight weeks pregnant, that they pick the date!! I had no choice but to tell her I was going to be 38 weeks pregnant at the wedding and I figured since it was my first it would be late and I would go past 40 weeks. Fast forward to the day of their wedding, the night before my husband stayed out with the groom till about 5 o’clock in the morning and my make up and hair had to start at 7 AM. I felt so sick the whole night and just thought it was normal pregnancy sickness. In the morning I woke up to pee and I heard a plop, at the time not realizing that it was probably my mucous plug, I continue to get ready while my room was on one end of the hotel floor and the bridal suite where all of the girls were getting ready was on the complete opposite end. I get my make up done promptly at seven and my hair done at eight and all I feel is that I’m peeing myself all morning. I stand up after getting my hair and make up done and my water officially breaks!! I call my husband to try and wake him up to tell him and he thinks I’m kidding! He finally gets to the room and realizes this is not a drill even though we’ve been joking about this for 30 weeks now. Our best friends, the bride and groom are obviously so excited for us. while we’re trying to situate ourselves, an evacuation alarm starts going off in the hotel!! I now need to go down three flights of stairs with a broken water. We were the talk of the hospital and our baby boy was born healthy after eight hours of labor and 13 minutes of active pushing he was born at 5:23 on August 16. I will never look this good giving birth again LOL