Possibly pregnant??


Okay y’all. Me and my husband have been trying for a baby since December 2017. We seen a doctor August 26th, so we didn’t try this month bc we had lots of tests planned and didn’t want the added stress of trying to have intercourse at the right time. I have never ever started my period earlier than the day it was due. Well yesterday, I would’ve been 5/6 days from my period. When I peed and wiped, there was brown, watery blood on the paper. Kind of like the very very last part of your period. I thought it was weird bc my period isn’t due for another 6 days. I started cramping a little bit but it went away and I haven’t had a single spot of blood since. Then last night I literally had the most i did dream I’ve ever had???? And I’m exhausted. Is there a chance I’m pregnant?

Btw we baby danced once during my fertile window and the day after ovulation. So maybe twice in the window?