Fed up

I'm so tired of my husband's bad attitude. Hes home maybe 3 days a week and that includes weekends. And when he is gone he calls for a total of 5-10 mins a night to talk to all 4 of us, before he rushes off the phone to shower/eat/use the gym/whatever...that's like 2 mins a person...

When he is here we get a max of 24 hours with him not snapping at everyone. He's annoyed when we ask him for anything, like can he help me get the baby's box of 6-12month clothes out of the attic. I'd do it myself but, it's a two person job because the box is heavy and needs to be handed down the ladder to someone.

When the kids don't do what he wants right away he snatches things out of their hands and/or yells. He and I argue constantly because he is irritated that when he comes home I need help.

I am working full time and raising a teen, 3 yo, a 6mo on my own 4-5 days a week. I'm running the older 2 to their extra curriculars, bed, bath, dinner, homework, making lunches, cleaning the house, and getting them up and out the door every morning on my own. I'm also up 1-2 times a night with the baby. While he is gone he sleeps through the night uninterrupted, eats without having to deal with kids arguing or refusing to eat. He can sit down when he gets done with his work day and just kick back and relax. Hell he can take a shower without having to battle a three year old to sleep or convince a teenager to stop getting up or put a baby to bed first. And he has the nerve to be annoyed when I tell him I need him to fold clothes while I go grocery shopping or grade tests/papers. And the teen helps quite a bit while he is gone so I give her the weekends off of chores besides her standard; room, dishes, her laundry, rabbit cage. On that note SHE IS NOT MY SPOUSE, SHE IS A CHILD it is not her responsibility to pick up his slack. But damn if he asks why she can't fold the clothes or clean the bathroom. It's clear he wants to come home and "dock his ship" for 2 days here and not have to contribute. I get it everyone loves the bachelor lifestyle, but that isn't the world he lives in anymore. Its total BS and I'm sick of it. He chose to have a family, to own a home, to work this job. Yet I'm the only adult responsible for any of that?! Umm... no! Dude needs to step up and contribute more than just a paycheck. Because child support and alimony can do that to.

Thank you for reading my rant if you made it this far. I just needed to get all the frustration out at once.