Is this wrong?

I'm almost 32 weeks pregnant and our last ultrasound is when I'm 35. Every ultrasound has just been me and my fiance, but for this last one I asked my mom to come. He was upset because I didnt ask his mom, but there can only be 2 people in the room for the ultrasound and I want him there and my mom. His mom and I dont get along the best due to issues with her still hanging around with his ex and her constantly starting drama between fiance and I. and she has ruined some big mile stones in this pregnancy for us. She ruined the moment we told her it's a boy. She ruined the baby shower with drama. And she was beyond angry she can't be in the delivery room with fiance and I. My mom already has some grandchildren from my siblings so my mom knows mostly how to respect our wishes and my mom is my comfort person besides my fiance so of course I want her there for the last one, she hasn't been to any and she wont be in the delivery room so that were being fair to his mom.

I don't think I'm being mean or malicious that's not my intent. But it's important to me that my mom comes for this last one. Am I wrong?