Help I had my first doctors appointment today and I’m so depressed.

Karla • Boy mom 👩‍👦TTC baby #2

Hi everyone, back in April I had a miscarriage. I found out at my first appointment that my ultrasound was not normal. My doctor said it looked like a molar pregnancy and sure enough I had a miscarriage the following week. I was so sad but we decided to keep trying. Now fast forward to Labor Day weekend we got our BFP 🎉🎉 and I was so exited, I told my self I would stay positive, hope for the best and not stress. I stayed positive and hoped for the best. Also I was 14 days late on my period when I got my first positive. I kept testing negative until September 1st. My last menstrual period was July 23rd. I had my first appointment today and I could tell by looking at my doctor that things didn’t look good. Based on my last menstrual period I was estimated to be 7 weeks along but when she did a transvaginal ultrasound it put me at 4 weeks gestation. She had me do labs to make sure that I was in fact 4 weeks pregnant based on hcg levels, maybe I ovulated late. I’m stressing out because with my last pregnancy I kept measuring at 4 weeks because the pregnancy didn’t progress from there and eventually had a miscarriage. Has anyone had this happen before where they were totally off or ovulated late and went on to have a normal pregnancy. My doctor said she’s going on vacation this week but I should hear from someone before she’s back. I’m so sad and can’t help but worry all the time now. I keep thinking something is wrong. Also she prescribed low does aspirin.