Overthinking therapy


So it’s been happening for a little while now where I’ll feel great right after therapy but once 6:00 hits I’ll question if it’s working and forget some advice my therapist said and then assume I’m not getting better from it cause I can’t remember everything. I’ve always had some trouble paying attention and then I’ll forget some of what my therapist said and question if it’s helping me. I’ll also question if my therapist really cares about me and getting better and completing the to-do-list I text her each day. Today she asked me if I still wanna do my to-do-list and then I assumed in my head I’m annoying when I text her or that she doesn’t really care if I do it or not and I need a lot of pressure to complete it. I also wish I had more homework in therapy and one time I asked her about it and she said she’d start giving me some but she didn’t really. I’m crying right now cause I feel so overwhelmed and can’t stop overthinking. My therapist is kinda quiet and sometimes I’ll only remember those moments instead of all the times she gave me advice and then I’ll just wind up questioning the advice. I just hate feeling like this and questioning if my therapist even cares.