Sad mom

My daughter came into the house bursting into tears with hurt feelings. I come to find out she messed around with a guy who was in a very serious relationship. He lived with the woman and their kids from sewerage relationships and they were together for 8 years. Come to find out my daughter really likes this guy, could be the sex who knows. But anyway she didn’t care, had a lot of sex with him and even called him from different numbers. He kept pursuing her and allowing this behavior to go on. Anyways after his woman gets mad and kicks him out, the guy didn’t just agree to be with my daughter. He is still way too upset over messing around and getting caught. And just wanted time to be single. He obviously dated around and saw a few others. My daughter got so upset, hey at least he was honest with her. She grabbed his phone and blocked and deleted someone she didn’t allow him to any longer see. Now for one he is single so that won’t really work but he let her do it anyways and throw her temper tantrum and she even hit him according to what she told me. Now I know what u all will say that I have a sleazy daughter for doin this. Now she didn’t give a fuck about messing with him while he was taken. She just became very controlling after having sex with him. Any advice moms out there? And did she take it too far in that last part