What the heck is up with my husband ?

We were banging tonight for over an hour. I was in the moment and told him I wanted to feel him come inside of me. We’ve been married over 5 years and he’s never done this. I am 30 and he’s 37. First he was like, awwww I don’t want to make you pregnant. Then we checked my cycle and since I’m not ovulating he decided to do it. My husband literally came inside of me for the first time tonight in our whole 6+ year relationship 🤪

My husband has been my only one and I don’t have the same kind of experience as y’all do. I can give good advise but at the same time, get so confused in my own relationship.

He has baby fever. He’s been saying that he’s “getting ready” to have kids for probably a year and a half already. He always says if it happens, it happens. But the baby fever is STRONG, guys. I’ve also wanted a baby since like, yesterday 😅

So why doesn’t he want us to get pregnant? I’m literally so confused. I think I would have said something to him but he fell asleep as soon as we were done and now I’m left here wondering why he is this way... it feels like it’s been forever of him having this baby fever and saying that he is “getting ready” whenever people ask us about kids, he says not yet, soon... but it literally feels like he is afraid to take the leap and try to get pregnant?? He doesn’t say anything else to me. I feel like my body clock is ticking, being 30.

Any advise?