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Okay so my flood gates are too much right now to even attempt to shut them.

So my partner has a court case today, it was originally meant to be yesterday.

On Sunday I had asked my mom if I could drop my daughter off with her so I could go court with my partner.

When I’d asked him later that evening who he was going with he said he’d rather go alone. Something was sitting in my gut that this was not a good idea.

This kinda upset me but I tried to respect it. The next day (Monday, yesterday) he’s on the phone with his friend early in the AM and he’s like “oh I might as well go you today.”


You stupid ass b. I’m trying to love and support you, I want to be there for you and now you’re asking a friend. I really tried not to make a big deal out of it I really did.

Anyways he went and they changed the case for today.

Now things were different, my daughter has Preschool today and he said his mom was going to take him today.

Now, his mom and his sister turn up he gets up says his goodbyes and goes.

First of all no one ever asks how I feel, no one tells me anything, I’m always left grasping at small pieces I gotta put together myself.

I keep getting discarded to the side.

Now my issue is, I’m genuinely really hormonal this week. It’s been so whack, but I don’t even know why I’m feeling it more today. I’d have usually said f it and moved on 💀😭