Will I blow chunks? Am I pregnant? We’ll see 🤣

Ellen • 💍👧🏽👼🏼👼🏼🌈🤰🏻

Been suspiciously nauseous and dizzy the past week or so but haven’t read too much into it even though those are not at all my typical symptoms before AF. Tonight however the nausea has hit me a little harder and on top of that I can smell our upstairs neighbor smoking weed 🤢🤮(I normally wouldn’t care but he does this inside and it comes right in to our vents!!🤬) anyway, I make a comment to my SO about how he’s smoking again and that it’s terrible timing because I’m feeling sick and he replies slightly joking “...you’re probably pregnant” now I’m just thinking how funny it would be if he ends up being right!! I don’t expect AF until Saturday 😬 fingers crossed for baby #2!!🤞🏻