Hi everyone imwaiting for my partner to get home from work which won’t be until half 8 /9 tonight. I’m 2 days late on my period we are trying so I hope I am but last week I went to the toilet and wiped and there was bright pink blood... nothing in the toilet nothing after just that one wipe wasn’t heavy so I’m hoping it’s implantation 🤞🏼🤞🏼 iv also Been extremely tried to the point I’ll just fall asleep when my 15 month old will when he has naps or just fall asleep on the couch (I live with my mum still due to personal reasons) so my mum watches him he’s not in danger or anything and iv never just fell asleep... iv had cravings for bananas and cream for days and that’s all I’ve eaten (my mum said she was craving that when she was pregnant with my sister) is there any hope I am? I don’t think I can wait till my partner gets home but I can’t go out and buy one now cause he has the bank card 😩🤞🏼

Also to add back in June I took 7 tests 4 came back positive and 3 came back negative turned out they was false positives which got us down but didn’t stop us from trying. What brand of test should he buy to give clear results but not spending a fortune on to say we’re not pregnant 😩