11 months still no sleep —— I wanted another baby and I’m seriously thinking that’s not going to be in the cards for me anymore

I need to know what im doing wrong. My 11 month old sleeps through the night for a couple days and then bam we get a week and a half of him being up 3-4 times in a night. He hasn’t ate in the middle of the night in probably 2 months so I really don’t want to start now but I will if it means he will only wake once to eat instead of 3-4 times. Here’s my schedule of how we do things when he wakes up at his “normal” time.

6-6:30 wake

7 bottle - 8oz

8 cereal and fruit


9:30 nap

10:30 wake


11:30 bottle - 8oz


12:30-1 lunch

2-2:30 nap

3-3:30 wake



5:30 - bottle 8 oz (doesn’t finish)

6:30 snack


7 bath


730 bedtime

We followed this yesterday and he was up at 12, 230, 330 and 5. I gave him 8 oz at 5 and he fell back asleep at 5:30 to 6:30.

When he wakes up I usually change his diaper and lay him back down. He falls back asleep and then wakes every hour almost. Then other days, he will sleep literally from 730-630 with zero fuss. I just don’t get it.