Married and living at home.

So, a bit of a back story. I moved out when i was 18 with my boyfriend of 3 years. I was in college but soon dropped out because nursing is hard (even the pre reqs). My mother begged and begged and practically forced me to marry my boyfriend because if i didn’t, i was going to hell and going to be disowned. Of course. Anyway, so out of fear of being disowned, at the ripe old age of barely 19, I got married. And don’t get my wrong, I love my husband, but was I ready for marriage? Probably not. Not at 19. Fast forward a year. I decide I’m going to give nursing school a go again, but how would we afford two (rather high) car payments, plus rent and all of the other stuff that comes with adulting with only one person working? Because if you know anything about nursing school, being able to work is um, not really possible. So, long story short, we move into my mother’s back house, which is essentially a house of its own. living room, master suite, kitchenette. We “pay rent” by buying food and covering utilities, she has no mortgage so other than taxes, she really doesn’t pay anything. Fast forward three years. I’m out of nursing school (have been for a year) and we’re still here. During the time I was in school house prices skyrocketed and my husband got laid off shortly after I finished school, but thank god it was at least after. I’m making about 3/4 what he was making before he got laid off and so is he. So, yes, we do have a little more money now that i’m out of school, but certainly not mortgage money or really even rent money (besides, that’s a waste of money anyway). We’ve had a number of financial downfalls the past few years that I won’t go into detail about. So much so, that we almost even considered bankruptcy. After a year of working and having a little extra money we barely are able to save a little bit and get our credit back on the right track. I used to HATE living at home, for a number of reasons. But, my mother will be 67 this year and is slowly becoming more frail andway is starting to need a little more help around the house (she works and gets around just fine but her house is like 3,000 sq ft including our 1,000 apartment thing, not to mention the size of the actual property, and that’s A LOT for an elderly person). Plus, my dad died my senior year so he’s obviously not around to help her. I wanted to move out SO BAD. I wanted my own space with my own stuff and my own way and yada yada. But, I’m really reconsidering. I mean, we probably could not afford a house in this economic shit hole we’re in. Not for a long time anyway especially if he’s laid off. And by the time we actually COULD afford a house, why even move out? The house will go to me once she passes. So, with my mother’s blessing, I think I may just stay, remodel my section of the house the I want it and really just make the best out of it. It really is a pretty house, just has all of her old outdated stuff in it. Besides, I’m only 23 and I want to go back for my bachelor’s at some point. And if we ever decide to have a baby, we’d already have childcare in the home. And we’d be able to travel, something we’ve always wanted to do. We literally have not taken one single trip or vacation as a married couple. Not one. The only “trip” we took was when my husband’s boss bought us a hotel for a christmas party in the city literally 20 mins away that we go to every weekend. Everyone just kind of seems to benefit from it. My mom gets help with bills and around the house, plus we get more money to go do what we want. But I guess I’m just still feeling the societal pressures to move out. I mean, what do you guys think of married people still living at home? I know it’s kinda still not socially acceptable but it seems to be more common now days.