My quick birth story


Woke at 6:20 am to run a bath. Tell my husband baby is going to be here sooner rather than later. (Im 39+4)

6:30am husband leaves for work

7am ring my mum as i think i've had a contraction

7:15am ring husband to get home from work, the pain was soo intense

7:45 ring hospital as i am bleeding (bled heavily with my first, they said it was because his labour was quick.) They tell me to head to local birth centre who will assess me & send me in ambulance to hosp an hour away.

7:50 really intense contraction so i wake my 3 year old to put his shoes on

7:55 my mum, sister & husband arrive

Sister takes my 3 year old whilst husband packs up the car

8am leave our house

8:10 arrive at birth centre where my mum & a midwife drag me down the corridoor to a delivery room, whilst husband parks the car. Pull my trousers down & midwife says your not going anywhere i can feel babys head. They lay me down & she tells me to take 1 deep breath & relax my shoulders & his head is out, followed a minute later by his body.

8:20 baby was born, 6lb 8oz

Literally 1 & a half hours after first contraction. My first labour was 4 hours at the hospital; this time it was just so quick & the pain was so intense!!

1pm my 3 year old meets his brother

2:30pm am home

7:30pm announce his arrival, he was born on his aunties birthday, 2 days after she gave birth to her beautiful lil girl.