Eating /drinking


How many times a day and how much are your kids eating solids?

How many bottles are they drinking / how many times do they still nurse ?

I just am starting to feel a little self conscious mine isn’t eating enough or is overeating.

For breakfast about 8am has a single serving of unsweetened applesauce and about 5 min later starts working on an 8 oz bottle for about 20 min.

Around noon he will have a container of puréed veggies

And his doc told me I can give him up to 4 oz of juice so I give that then.

About an hour later he has another 8 oz bottle . He will have a “supper” bottle about 4:30/5 that’s either right before or right after the mid afternoon nap. Then for dinner about 7/7:15 for dinner he has a veggie purée and a couple spoonfuls of what I’m having , but mushed , about 6oz bottle , bath and bed by 8, he sleeps 12 hrs and we start over.