He would rather our daughter be in foster care

So my daughter's father and I are in a pretty toxic, I'd even say abusive at times, relationship. Baby is 7 months old.

He comes from an extremely toxic family. His mother is a homeless, active drug addict so I do not allow her to be around our daughter as she has admitted to using before seeing the baby when she was a newborn. *back story*

My family doesnt like him because they dont like how he treats me. He recently is trying to say I cannot bring the baby around my mom or sister just because they dont like him. They're extremely loving, NOT addicts or criminals, and are just protective of me and help so much with baby.

I brought up to him that we need to establish who will care for our daughter in the event that something happens to us both (God forbid). I told him I feel like my sister would be the best choice. She has a large home in a great area, kids close in age, just an overall extremely healthy family and I couldn't think of anyone better.

He said absolutely not. He said he will not agree to that at all and would rather our daughter be put in foster care. All because of his personal vendetta with my family....

I just dont know what to do? I will personally feel better as a mother if I know there is something set in the event that something bad happens...