Need some advice

So AF is late by five days today. On Monday I thought she was coming because I went pee and had some bright spotting so I prepared due to being at work got home no more spotting. Still no spotting today or any sign of AF. My boobs aren't sore at all which normally they hurt really bad around AF time. I feel run down and like i have a cold suddenly. I want to go to bed at like 7:30pm. I am dying for kit kats which btw I hate chocolate. My lower back is a little sore but not much. On last saturday I just felt super uncomfortable almost like i had gas trapped in my uterus which yes I know is impossible but that's how it felt it was not crampy like PMS it just felt super pressurized and still feels like that. I've been constipated here lately. Well today after drinking coffee all morning at work my friend was like just take a test so I did but it was negative( it was a digital and a blue dye she made me pee on both 😅) Should I retest tomorrow and again in a couple days or do y'all think AF is just being wicked. Ive never been late by five days and tomorrow makes six days late with zero PMS signs.