Am I in the wrong?


So at 5:30am this morning my husband gets out of bed and is angry and says “You’ve been keeping me up since 4:30! Can’t you just be like a normal person and blow your nose?!” I was on the floor with the baby (the baby woke me up at 4:30). I didn’t realize I was sniffing or keeping him awake. And then he went downstairs.

When I got up with the kids and came downstairs, he said “Are we friends yet?” I guess I took this as “Are you over this yet?” And I told him “No.” Then he got angry that I was upset and said “You are always doing this! I always have to walk on eggshells around you!” And then he left the house.

Later when he came back he said I am never taking responsibility for my part and I always put 100% of the blame on him. He wanted me to apologize for keeping him up. I don’t think that it’s my fault at all. What do you think? Is my fault?He makes me feel like I am crazy for thinking it’s not my fault.

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