Teachers SUCK!


Ok so I’m like 13 and I’ve been on my period for about 2 years. And I use a tampon today I went to the bathroom and sure enough blood. I called my mom she said she would be about a hour so I went to the counselor and got a tampon. Although the tampon only lasted a hour. I ate lunch and went to 6th hour. Half way threw I raised my hand so I could change my tampon. I raised my hand for 15 minutes tell she called on my I asked to go to the bath room. She said “No this can’t be like a daily thing were you go to the bathroom everyday in 6th hour!” “I went yesterday and that’s it 😑” Mrs.W walked away. I whispered to my bff Kegan “Well if I bleed everywhere its her fault!” We laughed. Just told my mom all this and she said she would write a long email to my teacher does anyone have any ideas on what this email should look like or be???