Is it to much?


Im 32w1d, and for the past 1,5 weeks ive had constant braxton hicks. Nobody can even touch my belly without them starting, they dont stop when i rest/lay down. Even just sitting on the couch i can have 7-8 in a 20 minute timeframe. But they are not consistent.

This is baby number two, and last time was nothing like this.

Also, the past 2-3 days, some of the BH are stronger (really uncomfortable and almost painful) and when i get them i also get periodlike pains in my lower back.

And sharp shooting pains down below...

I am not able to go in for just a quick check up, my nearest hospital is 6 hours away by car, and I am not allowed to give birth there, so the hospital i have to go to is 11 hours away by car (or 2 hours by plane).

So how many BH should i consider to be to much? And to the rest of you, are you experiencing somewhat the same things?