Bf didn’t wanna help


So I’m just venting because I’m frustrated and irritated. So my boyfriend and I we have a car and the tire tracks are wearing and tearing so we haven’t had time to change the tire. Yesterday he said he would help me change the tire tomorrow(today) because I needed the car to go to a job interview. So today I asked him to help me and he said “ you should’ve asked my mom to take you because I don’t have time, it sounds like a personal problem.” Then he continued to say “it’s your car, you’re the one that uses it all the time.” I could‘not get the tired off because of the rust and I’m not as strong and he continued to say that “you’re weak that’s why, don’t touch it before you mess it up.” I’m annoyed because he said he would help me then he put it all on me. I just thought he would help me because i always help him.