Dusty field

Alright, either I'm an over protective, over bearing nut job or this lady is a horrible parent:

I went to watch my friend play coed softball today. One of the players on the opposing team just had a baby 2 weeks ago. Her husband is on the team also and she said she came to support her team, her husband, and get out if the house. Well, it's dusty as hell and 80 degrees here!

I dont think its appropriate for the baby to be here at all!! Theres dust, people yelling, dogs licking the baby's feet and smelling her face. Like wtf! All of this is so bad for that innocent baby. I tried to hint to to her that she should probably be at home and let her husband have some out of the house time, but I think she got annoyed with me. So I left because I couldnt handle seeing exposed to so much. 😭😭😭

Was I wrong?? My friend says I'm being too extra...