Of course this happened... need insight

My husband and I have been TTC for over 2 years now with one chemical. A year ago I was put on a waiting list for surgery to remove polyps from my uterus, one blocking the opening of my right tube. I had the surgery done 17 days ago and I got my period right after.

Tonight I got a blazing positive OPK and of course my husband is too tired and refuses to BD. We did BD yesterday evening and will tomorrow when he gets off work but I'm just assuming we will miss the ovulation. I have basically no fertile CM this cycle (I usually have very little) and we have pre-seed but we didnt use it yesterday.

I know the egg survives for up to 24 hours after ovulation (I think?). Is there still a chance for us to conceive even though I'm basically a desert down there and we can't BD until 17 hours after I got the positive OPK? Ughhh. I'm just so impatient and we totally could have just had sex today but of course not. So frustrating when he always talks about how badly he wants a baby too.

Helllllp. Just needing some insight to give me some hope. So tired of waiting!