You really don’t know how much love you have inside of you until you have a child....... I never in a million years thought I would be a mother. NEVER. I always thought I was aunt material but NEVER mother material. Friends/family always thought of me as the go to party person, the person with great advice, the peace maker etc but not a mom.... being thought of as everything else besides a parent never bothered me, still doesn’t. When my LO came into this world, it took hours and maybe even a whole week to let all of my feelings and emotions sink in that I was actually a mother. I remember one night she was laying flat on her back looking at me from the side and as I stared into her eyes, I cried. My heart cried, my soul cried, I cried!!!!! This tiny little human being was mine. All me. No person on this earth would ever ever be able to love her the way I can because I AM MOM!!!!! She’s my everything. People all around me including my husband thinks I’m nuts because of how protective I am with her. Not because she’s my first but because no one can protect her or make her feel loved like ME!!!! IM MOM!!!!! I know deep down in my heart I’m doing a bad ass job. The God I pray to gets my every thanks 🙏🏽 I’m blessed to have her!!!!!

&& if it wasn’t for this app I wouldn’t know as much as I did. I did research everyday off of a lot of post I read. Thank you to each and every one of you ladies that helped me without knowing !!!