Today was the last day‼️‼️


I JUST recieved my LAST Makena shot today at 35 weeks! I can not stress the happiness I’m feeling at this very moment. I’ve been counting down these shots &hoping me &baby would make it this far. &we have!! I’m so overwhelmed w/ excitement. The nurse greeted me &said TODAYS THE DAY..ARE YOU READY!? I told her I’m so ready I could break dance rn 😂😂💀

I’m hoping to see my little guy soon 🤞🏽 Ive HEARD of women going into labor 7 to 10 days after their last shot. If you have taken the Makena how soon did you go into labor!? Just curious! To all the women still taking their shots just know it’ll be over sooner than you think ❤️❤️😊