How to tell my boss I’m pregnant

Mo • Married 9/24/16. Mommy 7/22/17 ❤️

I’m kinda of freaking out. I just found out I’m pregnant. Only 5+1 weeks and I’m a nanny! I was a nanny when I had my first and my family was super cool about it. Now I’m with a new family. The mom is also pregnant! Shes due late March/early April and I’m due late May. I have No idea how to tell her. I just outright told my last family because they had been with me thru so much and I’d worked with them for 4 years. This family ive been with a year and they’re definitely amazing and so kind! They let me bring my daughter with for the first 10 months before she started school so I’m sure they’ll let me bring new baby. I’m just so nervous to tell them. I don’t want to steal their thunder or make a big deal about it.

The mom is 35 and has been TTC for over a year! And I’m 25 and this baby is a total and complete accident. I really don’t want to make her feel bad. Could I just casually text her about it? Or would that be weird? (Her and I have both agreed texting is better than talking lol) she’s very young at heart and I really do think she’d love to have a bump buddy and she knows I have cared for 5 kids with special needs all at once before so taking care of what will essentially be twin newborns will be easy and people do it all the Time 🤷🏻‍♀️ I’m very confident in my skills and I don’t think they would fire me (they have nobody else) so I’m not worried about that so much as I am worried about stealing thunder 🙁 I want to approach it in a really casual way.