What to do?


I love my partner a lot. But I feel let down by her attitude towards life situations, which comes across to me as being Nonchalant. I know she loves me, but these actions and non-actions get me really frustrated and makes feel sad. We have talked about it. Argue about it but every time I get promises, but e just go back in cycle again.

Different examples of this but one that really gets to me is; we are trying for a baby. Unfortunately we have challenges. She's been diagnosed to have tubal occlusion. And we've been advised by doctors on different steps to take.

But my partner don't take this serious. And didn't even researched the situation to better understand it. This makes me really sad. Any advise. Positive advise please. On how to go about encouraging and motivating her to take things serious and advice relating to the Tubal Occlusion.